Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So the moment you have all been waiting for

The real wedding details!!!

We are getting married July 3, 2010 at OUR MOBILE HOME THAT WE OWN....And having 20 people or so invited. We are going to have a small affair and just have fun. I HAVE FOUND MY DRESS!!! and since mr C is not on here much I can show you guys and gals as soon as I get my camera out a take a photo!! or I may be able to find it!! We are having a makeshift photo booth. I am getting a digital or poloroaid camera. So we can print pictures! I am so excited

I also saw in our new home that we have a living room perfect for a wedding, and a archway near the living room where we are going to have the ceremony. My friend sarah will officiate and I cant wait.