Sunday, November 7, 2010

So if you decide to do it the legal way....

I just had gotten ordained online. and in montgomery county all you have to do is sign the marriage licence and your good. But what if in some counties you need to be registered in the marriage licence office? Or if something goes wrong and no ones married? In the end you have to be prepared and ready to go with any type of issues that arrise.

I suggesst before you decide to get ordained, make sure you know how to make it legal.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

So here I am, planning again lol

Yeah but this time its for real no crap no fuck ups. WE are doing it right and no one can stop us. But this time we are trying to get it to be a fun party photo booth and a fun theme. Its gonna be a wish come true....(hint)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

So yes its official

We are planning a vow renewal and we are going to have a new years eve party next year as part of the party. So yea we are going to do it againa dn I know I know I am looking like all i want is wedding after wedding, but im really not trying to look that way.

PLus its a new years eve party. more fun

Friday, July 23, 2010

Its been a few days since my wedding.

And we are considering a vow renewal next year, only cause of my brother. But im not sure yet, and its nothing to be too happy about, I love to plan, but everytime, it goes wrong. Long story short no one actually showed up.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wow Im a married women!

And it feels the same, except the last name. We have lived together for lkast 14 months and we live like we are married, and I still am excited. So even though yesterday was a total mess up, in the end we are married

Friday, July 16, 2010

Wow tomorrows the day, well today since its lke 3 am

I am nervous and excited and a lill dissapointed lol. But you know what. IM GETTIN MARRIEDIN THE MORNING DING ONG THE BELLSARE GONNA CHME GET ME TO THE SITE ON TIME!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How I Planned a wedding for well under 500 dollars

Everyone asks me, "how can I plan my wedding for 500 or less?" I tell them it is possible, it just takes some legwork. So heres how I did it for under 500 and in less than 5 months!!

****First think of Guest list! its cheaper to have 10-20 of your closets friends ad family than 150 people you hardly know. And your budget. If your budget is $500 then there is a limit to whom you can invite.****

1. First of all think of your date and where you want to get married. lots of spaces are free or a minimal fee to use. These sites can be simple and elegant to extravegent, We found the Gazebo near my mothers in Philly was free and a closer space near my moms. and its free under 75 guests! And this time of year it is so peaceful with the water and we will have beautiful photo opts. Also look for a dual purpose venue, one you can have both ceremony and reception in. Like a church or a park.

2. Think of the overall mood you want to set. As for me I have found cute silk floral bushes at 1.09 a piece and made 2 bouquets and 2 centerpieces and I still have some left over. Another way to really cut costs is to use silks for your boquets and use candles for centerpieces. I found that thrift stores and places that have flea markets. They are the best. I found diamond like crystals and circle gems for $.50 a package (100 a package) and im using them to hold my centerpieces down and my candles in place in there holders.

3 Think about your dress. Look in thrift stores and consignment shops. I found my dress in the prom section at a DEB plus store. it was a white prom dress!!! It was a halter or can be made into strapless I made mine into strapless. Or you can wear a hand me down, if you like it.

4. Food, this is where I was having issues if we were having more thn 7 people coming. I am maing the food. Hamburger BBQ and Macaroni Salad. There will be deviled eggs and some chips and dip. As well as iced tea, sodas and water. having a dry reception is a good way to go with trying to save money, and if you have to have alcohol and your venue allows it, go for whole sale. Get a keg or a few bottles of wine. Cake you can buy this at the gricery store, or do you have a talent for baking or a friend with that talent? use IT!!

5. Grooms can wear a dressy shirt and slacks. My fiance is wearing jeans and a nice shirt. This is not your traditional wedding.

6. Other Decorations- Such as your ceremony decor. I bought silk rose petals,about 3 bags from the dollar store and bubble wands from the dollar store. This store is savior. I got my plastic utensiles and paper goods. instead of renting linens and other stuff get disposable items. a quicker clean up! I also love thrift stores, if you have to have china and you wedding is small, buy from them. there are plates for 50 cents each,cheaper than renting! if you have larger amount of guests than try to find the best price.

7. Entertainment. Im using a ipod and speakers hooked to my fiance's car and t get all the songs I want Im using sites like itunes and limewire. Limewire is free but there are some songs i cant find so I use itunes.

You can plan the wedding of yur dreams cheap. it just takes legwork and alot of looking. Also if you have a friend who Djs and can give that to you as a gift more power to em. There are ways to get what you want with out spending a fortune.

Best of luck!!